From Marie Guérin to Thérèse - November 10-11 , 1887

From Marie Guérin to Thérèse.

November 10-11, 1887

Dear little Sister,

It's a week ago today that we left each other, and what a long journey you've made since that time and what marvels have passed before your eyes! We follow you everywhere, and we think that you must be very tired. As for myself, time seems very long, and on Sunday I didn't sing at Mass, not having my singing teacher behind me. Yesterday, I went to your house, and I used the swing, but this swing, which usually pleases me so much, bored me, and I left it very quickly. As for the pears, you may tell Céline that there were some much too ripe, and Mamma gave some to the poor of the district (I can't remember their names). There was a little pear tree and its fruit was yellow and nobody knew the name. I called them Normandy pears, but everybody laughed at me and said that pears of this kind don't exist; finally I insisted that they were cooking pears, having heard Céline say it. I was not mistaken, they were English pears, and Marie gave us the ex­planation of this famous pear tree; I knew they were pears that had a kingdom as their name, but I had forgotten only to cross the English Channel!

I notice that I have filled my pages and that I am always saying trite things; I am always the same, no more serious than I was formerly, falling always into the same faults.

We just returned from the Carmel where we spent a nice visit, and Pauline told me to tell you that she really wanted you to speak to the Sovereign Pontiff on the matter of your entrance to Carmel. If he does not pass near you, she would like that you go up to him to ask the favor you desire with so much fervor. On my part, I assure you, dear little Thérèse, that I won't forget you; I'm praying for you enough to break the prie-dieu. This evening I was at my half-hour of daily Adoration, and I recited a whole rosary for my dear little sister. I don't know if the Blessed Virgin is going to answer me; let it suffice that I wanted to pray with fervor. I had a lot of thoughts that came to disturb my meditation on the Sorrowful Mysteries. Each time I was aware of this, I roused myself again to fervor. Finally, I had only one "Hail Mary" to say for my little Thérèse, and this one had to be good or bad. I prayed so much to the Blessed Virgin to listen to this prayer made with so much con­fidence that I believe these few words were worth all possible prayers.

If you only knew how I love you, dear little Thérèse; I love you so much that I can't express it. We were speaking yesterday to Pauline about this, and we were saying that we love you not like cousins but like sisters, and real sisters.

Adieu, dear little Thérèse. There are very many leagues to travel to kiss you, but for my heart distances are not an obstacle, and fatigue knows no distances to tell you that I love you; I love you a million times over.

Your sister, who loves you,


It isn't necessary to sign Marie Guérin. I believe you recognized the heart that dictated these pages so poorly written although I am not on a train bound for Rome.

Kiss Céline and my dear Godfather for me. Bon voyage and good night.

November 11, '87 Lisieux

Mme. Mansonnet asked me for some news about you, and I told her you were at Bologna. I believe she understood the woods of Boulogne, for I told her you had passed through Venice, and she made an "ah!" which showed me she was beginning to under­stand that it was in Italy. The other day, she asked Jeanne if Rome was farther away than Lourdes!

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