From sister Agnès de Jésus to Isidore Guérin - November 28-29 , 1887.

From Agnes of Jesus to M. Guérin.

November 28-29, 1887                     

In its November 24 issue, L'Univers related the audience given the pilgrims from France on November 20 by Leo XIII. In one passage it pointed out: "Among the pilgrims was a young girl of fifteen, who begged the Holy Father for permission to enter a convent immediately to become a religious. His Holiness encouraged her to be patient, to pray very much, and to seek counsel from God and her con­science. This caused the young girl to break down into sobs." (Univers article was not signed.) This ac­count caused some commotion in Lisieux.


Dear Uncle,

M. Lepelletier knows all. He came to see Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart on Saturday. He is in admiration, and he said this child is privileged and destined for great things…

Thank you, dear little Uncle, for your two short notes. You speak to us as a father and you love us as your children.

I know a will that is not so easily bent as you imagine. . . . But God can do all things!

I saw Our Father on Thursday evening. He told me among other things: "If your little sister should get sick because of grief, I shall say that she did not have the strength to be a Carmelite. That's it. But this would not make me give in."

To tell you, dear Uncle, what I experienced when hearing these words is impossible. I was crushed. Immediately coming out of there, I found the only Confidant, who can place balm on all wounds. He is the One who consoled me, and I don't know what inner voice said to me: Fear nothing, this child will not die in the world. . . .

What followed proved that this voice was really God's voice.

Adieu, dear little Uncle. I kiss you and I love you, as well as Aunt and my two little sisters.

Your daughter and goddaughter, Sister Agnes of Jesus

These beautiful words of the Canticle of Canticles keep coming back to my mind: "Come from Lebanon, my Spouse; come to be crowned, for you have wounded my heart."

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