From sister Agnès de Jésus to M. Martin, Céline and Thérèse - November 11, 1887

From Agnes of Jesus to M. Martin, Céline, and Thérèse.

November 11, 1887


Happy Feast

For the Travelers

Friday evening, November 11 Feast of St. Martin

Dear Travelers,

One more word this evening, but only one word; I have only half an hour to give you. Our beloved Mother received the letter from Milan.

We did not know early enough the change of hotels for Venice and Rome. This will make two letters or rather three letters to claim. One sent to Hotel Beau Rivage, Venice, one to Loreto, to be picked up, addressed to Céline, and the third to Rome, Hotel de Milan. Don't forget to look into this.

I hope you are happy, spoiled little children of God and of the best of Fathers!. . . Write us as often as possible, this gives us so much joy.

Tell us about Papa; tell us whether he is tired, and whether he, too, is happy.

Dear little Father, your two little Carmelites, their Mother, and the whole Carmel never cease thinking of you. May you be thanked a thousand times for giving your two jewels this great joy of such a beautiful trip.

Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart will write you another day. It is impossible for her to write this evening . . .

You are very fortunate to be at Rome! It is the goal of the trip, as heaven is the goal of our pilgrimage in this world. Oh! heaven, what a beautiful Rome!

I kiss all three of you with my whole heart, beginning, it is understood, with the beloved Patriarch. May Thérésita not allow her little soul, so dear to Jesus, to be troubled! May she be confi­dent and fear nothing! The Child Jesus loves it very much when we come to lay at His feet the homage of our desires.

Let her abandon her desires to the Heart of the Child Jesus! Oh! how sure and sweet this is at one and the same time! Adieu, adieu, much joy! and see you soon!

The Lamb

P.S. Above all, dear little Father, don't tell Monseigneur or M. Révérony that I have lifted the prohibition and allowed Thérèse to speak to the Holy Father, just as she had always wished. They would believe the inspiration came from the Carmel while it came only from the little Queen of France and Navarre, Fiancée of Jesus and Carmelite in desire. Happy Father!

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