From Jeanne Guérin to Céline - November 10‑11 , 1887.

From Jeanne Guérin to Céline. (Extracts.)

November 10-11, 1887

A comparison of this letter with the two following would suggest that Jeanne Guérin wrote it over a period of two days. It seems we should line up the dates as follows: Wednesday, the 9th, the visit of the Guérins to Les Buissonnets, gathering the pears; Thursday, the 10th, visit of "more than an hour" to the Carmel; Friday, the 11th, M. Guérin's trip to the Carmel, from which he brings back the letters from Céline and Thérèse received by Mother Marie de Gonzague (lost; see LC 62).

Dear Céline,

I just got back from the sermon; the novena for All Souls ended this evening. It is at this hour that we used to get together usually. For a week now everything is very much changed for us; instead of speaking with you, we are dreaming of you. If you only knew how our thoughts often take flight in your direction; they have quickly left Lisieux to follow you in your visits to Milan, Venice, Bologna, where else? All I can tell you is that I fear that poor Tom doesn't have the same consolation as I, dreaming of you. We feel sorry for him with his poor sad eyes and the yelps he makes when he sees us. Everything seems to be very sad at your house when you are not there, even to the Saint Joseph statue in the small room, which appeared saddened by your departure. I have just learned at this instant that you were awe-struck over Switzerland; Papa returned from Carmel where he saw Mother Prioress and he brought us back some news about you. Yesterday, we had a nice visit with her and our dear cousins; we remained more than an hour talking about you. We very often think of our little Thérèse, and we hope that God will draw a great good from her trip to Rome, and that He will allow Himself to be touched by all the prayers that are being directed to Him. I want to thank this dear little angel for having thought of me in the church of the Sacred Heart. I was very much touched by it.

Adieu, little Céline. I kiss you and I beg you to give Thérèse a good kiss for me.

All yours, Jeanne

P.S. Remember me to Uncle.


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