From Jeanne Guérin to Céline - November 17 , 1887.

From Jeanne Guérin to Céline.

November 17, 1887

Dear little Céline,

I pity poor Thérèse for being subjected to reading Marie's long scribbling instead of resting from her travels or going out to ad­mire the splendors of the city. So I'm not going to speak very long. 

I only want to give you a sign of life and show you that I’m still thinking of you. I’m following you throughout your long trip, my dear little Céline, and I am happy seeing your enthusiasm before the landscapes of Switzerland or before a work by Raphael.

On Sunday, M. Lepeltier gave us a magnificent sermon Loreto and other places in Italy he had visited. A. Godard was weeping; it had to be touching, isn't that so? We thought that was exactly that morning that you were visiting the Holy House, and we assisted at Mass in union with you. How fortunate you are to visit so many beautiful things.

Adieu, dear little Céline. I kiss you both with my whole heart       

Your Jeanne


Please say hello to my uncle for me.

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