From Jeanne Guérin to Céline - November 20, 1887.

From Jeanne Guérin to Céline. 20th November 1887.

Lisieux 20th November

My Dear little Céline

I’m crossing France and Italy to come and find you, in a few days the road shall be less long, luckily! for my poor heart is growing tired of the distance that separates us. I hope my letter will arrive before you leave Rome. As corresponding becomes more difficult once you leave this town, don’t be surprised if our letters become rarer. On Saturday we read a long report of your trip in la Semaine Religieuse (column dedicated to the pilgrimage written by Father Huet), my God, you’re seeing so many beautiful things! Try to engrave them in your memory so that we can participate in your happiness a little when you’re back in Lisieux. Yesterday we celebrated Mama’s feast day, and [2 r°] today in her honour we are going to go to The Catholic Circle where there is a little soirée, Marcelline and Maria (Marcelline Husé, housemaid to the Guérin family and Maria X., maid to the Martins) must accompany us. For the moment we have fog, real London fog, at the beginning of the week we had snow and it was intensely cold. When I hear that daisies are currently in flower in Italy, under azure Skies, I ask myself whether the country [2 v°] isn’t an early Heaven compared to our genuine Siberia, where our poor fingers freeze as they hold the brushes. If we are feeling the cold, our hearts are not feeling it; neither the fog nor the snow prevent us from seeing in the midst of a great city two dear little cousins, whom a great distance separates from us, but who will return soon. My thoughts go often to you, they are also very often for poor Léonie, at the moment we are offering a novena of Masses for her.

[2 v° tv] Farewell, my dear little Céline. I send kisses with all my heart to you and also my Theresita.

Your Jeanne

Please say hello to my uncle.