From Mme Guérin to Céline and Thérèse - November 11 , 1887

From Mme. Guérin to Céline and Thérèse.

November 11, 1887


My dear little nieces,

I am very happy with the good news you gave this evening to Mother Marie de Gonzague. I still haven't seen your letters, but my husband told me that the sight of Switzerland enraptured you and that our artist is totally amazed. I have no trouble believing this. This is a little trip which will leave its mark on your artistic life, Céline. In the meantime, I must render an account to the mistress of the house of what is happening at her place. I went on Wednesday to pay my visit to all the pears, and I found that many of them were overripe, others were rotten. The overripe ones were given to the Dauphin and Déliot children, who were very happy and very grateful. I chose some ripe pears, a good ripeness, about thirty of them, for Mademoiselle Carré. Then I made some preserves with a basket of big pears which were just about ripe. I made the compote at the house; Maria stayed at our place to make it. I made a little more than your large pot holds, so I'm go­ing to send a pot to the Carmel and keep the other for ourselves. I had the English pears picked up which were in the grass. You will find them on your return. Marie told me that these were cooking pears. You can do what you want with them; they will keep well. I believed it was better to use for the compote the pears that would be spoiled before your return. Was that good?. . . Maria was suf­fering very much on Monday from her boils, so she took a purga­tive. She was not able to do the wash this week because she still has a very sore wrist, but I trust she will get to work on Monday. She did some sewing. You can see, dear Céline, that I'm talking to you about serious matters, I, who would like so much to talk about your trip. I am busy about the house all the time. And little Thérèse, what does she say in the midst of all these things? We are thinking about her a lot here at Lisieux. An important matter: Pauline wrote a letter for you addressed to Rome, Hotel de Milan. Don't fail to go and pick it up when you arrive. Adieu, dear children. I kiss you. How I love you with my whole heart. Your Uncle shares with me in this. Both of us ask you to give our best regards to your good father.

Céline Guérin

Pauline had also written to Venice, Hotel Beau Rivage.


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