From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to her father Mr. Martin - November 20, 1887.

From Marie (Marie of the Sacred Heart) to her father Mr. Martin 20th November 1887.

(Letter written the day of the audience with Pope Leo XIII.)

Darling Father,

I’ve come to say hello in haste, hello and see you soon! I’m looking forward to seeing you. It’s so good to glimpse your dear face through our grilles. We have received good news of Léonie, I hope that God will have consideration for his new Abraham and that he will have mercy on our little Visitandine (Léonie was going through a crisis in her Postulancy). While he’s [1v°] at it he won’t drop the matter for one; all your daughters shall be His. Lucky Father!

I know nothing new under the sun of the Carmel which is not very hot at the moment for it is very cold. I sometimes hear your friends the fish who swim right by us. We cry out: “Fresh herring! Fresh herring!” Poor little herrings, our loving father is very far from your waters at the moment. You don’t need to fear his silver line.

I will leave you now, beloved Father, to go to the choir stalls and pray to God for you. We are holding a vigil until midnight in honour of the Blessed Virgin, tomorrow is the feast of the Presentation. Our Mother (Marie de Gonzague) began a retreat yesterday. She’ll be absent for ten days. She’s not taking a long trip like you and yet we will be just as deprived. She no longer comes to recreations, we don’t see her any more. It has completely disorientated me so I’m going to reorientate myself with God.

Your daughter who cherishes you with all her heart

Marie of the S. H.