From sr Agnes of Jesus to M. Martin - November 25, 1887.

From Agnes of Jesus to M. Martin.

November 25, 1887

At the moment when the difficulties between M. Révérony and Thérèse are leveling off , the sit­uation is becoming worse between M. Delatroëtte and the Carmel. They did not speak to Thérèse about it, but Sister Agnes of Jesus transmitted some information about it to her father.


Beloved Father,

How good you are! Céline's letter told us about your visit to the good superior of the Brothers at Rome, M. Révérony's providen­tial arrival, the whole thing which was so delightful! Dear little angel, Thérèse, how fortunate she is to have you! It is through you that her grief is assuaged; you are the real Holy Father, whose single word she was hoping for so much.

[1v°] It’s such bliss having a Father like you, such bliss and such an honour! Yes we will all become saints to reward your zeal and to thank God.

I was far from expecting a letter of this kind after the letters of desolation received yesterday. Thérèse's short note was heart­breaking. Her whole heart was in it, palpitating with sorrow and yet resigned. What virtue in this child! Oh! how God loves her. She is a privileged soul among all privileged souls, but we must take care not to tell her so.

I saw Our Father Superior yesterday. He is more and more op­posed, and nothing can convince him. There is a mystery here for us! But God is there in this mystery. It is only a matter of repeating with P. Ponlevoy: "There must always be something in God's way that we do not understand and should not want to understand so that there may be room for faith and the Cross."

If Thérèse enters at Christmas, this can be only because of Monseigneur; if Monseigneur decides, he will consent to open the door, that is understood; but for him to take upon himself the responsibility of this act, never will this happen. I believe that he has very grave reasons to act in this way and these reasons are easy to guess at. This poor Father has been so calumniated by Mon­sieur Fl. at the time of his daughter's plan. It was frightful.... And what would Monsieur Fl. say today when seeing him giving us a child of fifteen? It is necessary, then, that Our Father be able to tell everybody that it is Monseigneur who had our angel enter. In that case, nobody would say anything.

Adieu, beloved Father.

May God bless you and keep you! Ah! It’s not at the Carmel that we learn to forget you. On the contrary, it is here that you are the most and best loved.

Farewell beloved Father

I send you my kisses and go out to meet you.

Your poor little pearl,

Sister Agnes of Jesus

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