From sr Agnès of Jesus to her father M. Martin - November 23, 1887.

From Pauline (Agnès of Jesus) to her father Mr. Martin

23rd November 1887.

J. M. J. T.


Beloved Father,

Céline told us about the Holy Father’s particular regard for you! Oh! You deserved it. I love the dear Holy Father with all my heart, he read your thoughts! He read your kindness, and your holiness, he saw the halo that already circles your forehead. This Pope is a Saint! Yes for no other reason than this blessing, which you received from so close, I find it was well worth making this long journey, [v°] I find that the reward has exceeded your worthiness. Rome, Rome! O Father! In my eyes Rome encompasses all that is beautiful here below, it encompasses the visible Jesus. I believe that if I were able to see the Holy Father, and receive his blessing, I would readily say my Nunc Dimittis. . .

So what will we see, what will we feel in Heaven in presence of God himself?

Farewell! See you soon darling Father, I am proud of the special blessing that you and your two precious pearls received.

Come back to us in good health and believe that we go out to meet you in heart.

Your poor little pearl who loves you

Sr. Agnès of Jesus