From Agnes of Jesus to M. Martin. - November 20, 1887.

From Agnes of Jesus to M. Martin.

November 20, 1887

J.M.J.T. Sunday, November 20, '87


My beloved little Father,

There you are, then, all three of you, on the eve of departure!' See how all passes in this life! We are rejoicing very much at seeing you again, but we are happy, nevertheless, to know you are happy. I believe the two jewels are delighted, or rather I am sure of it, for their letters express it. The Signorella, in spite of her apparent calm, wrote us some little pages filled with enthusiasm. She is only fifteen, but I believe the impressions of this trip will last through her whole life, for her soul is already old. Céline has almost re­placed "la semaine religieuse" in her description of Switzerland. But since then she has become a little lazy, and details have come to us only from Aunt, but this is really pardonable since her time is so precious.

Léonie is doing better; however, we must pray for her always, for it takes such a little matter to make her fall. Yes, let us pray always, so that God does not abandon the little children of dear Papa Martin, so that He bless them more and more and treasure them in order that they may one day form the crown of the Holy Patriarch, their Father!

See you soon! There you are on the return journey! May God keep you and lead you back in good health and happy !

I kiss you, little Father. Send also your good kiss to your poor little pearl,

Agnes of Jesus

Aren't you very tired?

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