From sr Agnès of Jesus to her father M. Martin - November 9, 1887.

From Pauline (Agnès of Jesus) to her father Mr. Martin

9th November 1887

Documentation pertaining to the trip to Rome is, we know, particularly abundant. “Forty four letters are conserved in the archives of the Carmel. The eight documents omitted [in CG 1] shed no light on Thérèse and redundantly duplicate the dossier retained for this edition as far as the general context is concerned.” (CG 1, p. 261, note 1). The letter that follows is one of the eight letters that was then omitted.

J. M. J. T.

9th November

Incomparable Father,

Céline wrote to us from Paris about all the kindness and touching attention that you have had for your two jewels.

My heart was so touched by it that it was only with difficulty that I held back my tears. Dear Father, God is blessing you, He will bless you more, and He will bless you always. [l v°] Don’t tire yourself out too much, for that is what I fear, I couldn’t bear seeing you come home ill! But no, Providence is watching over you, and knows that for a long time yet we need to see your grey hair and feel your heart close to ours.

I was delighted to hear that today all three of you are in the little House of the Blessed Virgin (At Loreto, on 12th-13th November)… One must no longer [2 r°] feel outside one’s Homeland there. It’s the Homeland in exile. When shall we be reunited in the other Homeland that we can never leave?

Farewell darling Father, only in Heaven shall you know how much affection and filial gratitude your little pearl has. We are still praying for Léonie (a postulant at the Visitation Convent in Caen since 16/7/1887; she would return home on 6 /1/1888). Let’s believe that what will happen [2 v‑] will be nothing but the fulfilment of God’s will, which is always good. May we always trust such infinite and all-powerful kindness. Farewell, farewell and see you soon!

Sr. Agnès of Jesus

u. c n.

Our beloved Mother and the whole Community are praying for the travelers.

[2v°tv] I send kisses to my beloved father with all my heart, I can’t write to him this time because the letter would weigh too much.

His eldest

Marie of the S. H.