From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline - November 23, 1887.

From Sister Agnès of Jesus to Céline. 23rd November 1887.


Darling Céline,

Sursum Corda. Let us lift our hearts towards Heaven! Everything is orchestrated by God and God loves us. Oh! yes, He loves his soaring little doves with a very special love! He loves them! And why? Because the chalice of satisfactions he presents them with doesn’t lack gall, because his cross is planted in their hearts (after the audience on 20th November)! Suffering! Suffering! Ah! My darling, that is the lot of predestined souls. Let us not seek or desire anything other than belonging entirely to Jesus and entirely surrendering to his will! Life resembles a very long journey and yet in the eyes of God it is not distance that separates Rome from Lisieux. It’s [v°] a point in space.

One day we’ll understand it! One day we’ll applaud ourselves for our tears! One day we’ll rejoice for not having found enjoyment here below! That day will come soon, let’s work to make it resplendent.

What an immense grace it was to have been so close to the Holy Father. This grace alone made the whole journey worthwhile! And to think that you spoke to him and kissed his hand!

To think that you heard his words and received his blessing! Darling, let’s not cease to say thank you to Our Lord, let’s not cease smiling at him; the cross is a smile from his heart, let’s respond!

See you soon, have trust, surrender! Jesus can do everything, he knows everything and loves us!