LT 31 / LT 31 A - To Marie Guerin - November 10, 1887

November 10, 1887      

Venice, Thursday, the 10th (evening)

My dear little Marie,

Finally, the moment has come when I can write you. We will not go out this evening. I preferred to come and relax a little with you.

I beg you, tell dear little Aunt that she could never imagine how much her letter touched me. I'd like to write her to thank her, but I trust she is going to excuse her little daughter and that she will guess at what my heart would say to her. besides, I have very little time, for céline does not want me to stay up too long.

Dear little sister, you can have no idea of all the things we see. It's really marvelous. I would never have imagined that we would see such beautiful things. There are so many that I must refrain from recounting them to you. I will do this much better when I shall be in my dear little Lisieux, which all the beauties of Italy cannot make me forget.

Dear little sister, how are you? How are all of you? You are well, I trust. You are as happy as when we left? Oh! Marie, if you only knew how often I think of all of you in the beautiful churches to which we go. I don't forget you. I thought of you, too, in the presence of nature's marvels on the slopes of the Swiss mountains which we crossed. One prays so well; one feels that God is here! How little I seemed in the presence of these gigantic mountains.

The country of Italy is very beautiful. We are now enjoying its beautiful blue skies. This afternoon, we visited the monuments of Venice in a gondola; it is delightful.

It appears strange to me to hear the language of Italy spoken around us. It is very beautiful, very musical. The people at the hotel call me Signorella, but I don't understand anything else but this word which means "petite demoiselle." [little miss].

I would like to write often, but it is incredible how our days are filled. We can write only very late at night. I am very much ashamed of my letter; I wrote it very fast and the thoughts don't follow. I see that I haven't begun to tell you what I wanted to tell you. I have so many things to tell you and so many things to ask you that if I were to listen to myself I would continue a very long time, but Céline would not let me finish. She has even made me hurry up.

Thank Uncle for the nice little note he sent us. He gave us all much joy. Hug him very tightly for me. Don't forget my little Jeanne. I think of her very often.

Adieu, dear little sister. Think of your little Thérèse some­times, who thinks so often of you. (You know I haven't forgotten what you did for me one Sunday.)
Your little Thérèse
Papa is well; he sends his regards to all of you.
P.C.T. Bonjour to Maria and Marcelline.

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