LT 32 - To Mme Guerin - November 14, 1887

Monday, the 14, evening

My dear little Aunt,

If you only knew how happy your little daughter would be if she could be near you to wish you a happy feast, but since this hap­piness is refused her, she wants at least that a short note from her heart depart from beyond these mountains to take her place. Poor little note, how insufficient it will be to tell dear Aunt all the love I have for you.

How happy we were this morning when we received your dear letters. Oh! Aunt, if you only knew how good I find you....  We received all the letters from Carmel; none of them went astray. I'll do what Pauline tells me in the letter (Hotel de Milan). I don't know how I'll go about speaking to the pope. Really, if God were not to take charge of all, I don't know how I would do it. But I have such a great confidence in Him that He will not be able to abandon me; I'm placing all in His hands.

We still don't know the day of the audience. It appears that to speak to everybody the Holy Father passes in front of the faithful, but I don't believe he stops; in spite of all, I am very determined to speak to him, for even before Pauline had written me I was think­ing about it, but I was saying to myself that if God willed me to speak to the pope, He would make it known to me... .

Dear Aunt, I'd like to be able to have you read into my heart You would see in it much better than in a letter all I wish for your feast. I am far, very far, from you, dear little Aunt, but it is in­credible how this evening I seem to be close to you. I'd like to tell you how much I love you and how much I think of you. However there are things that cannot be said in words, they can only be divined....

Dear Aunt, I beg you to thank dear little Marie for her charm­ing and very affectionate little letter. It gave me very much joy. Thank, too, my dear little Jeanne for thinking of her little sister.

Au revoir, dear little Aunt. I beg you to kiss dear Uncle for me I'm sending you, dear Aunt, the best wishes I have ever addressed to you, for it's when we're separated from those we love that we feel all the affection we have for them.

Your little daughter,
Thérèse e.m.

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