LT 35 - To Marie Guerin - November 19, 1887

Saturday, November 19, '87                        

Dear little Marie,

Tomorrow, Sunday, I will speak to the pope. When you receive my letter, the audience will be over. I find that the post office doesn't send letters fast enough, for when you will have my letter, you will know nothing about what has happened. I'm not going to write to the Carmel this evening, but tomorrow I'll tell them what the pope said to me.

Oh! my dear little sister, if you only knew how fast my heart is beating when I think about tomorrow. If you only knew all the thoughts I have this evening; I'd like to be able to tell you them, but, no, this is impossible for me. I see Céline's pen running over her paper; mine stops, it has too much to say. Oh! little Marie, I don't know what you're going to think of your poor Thérèse, but tonight she can't really tell you about her trip. She is going to leave this care to Céline.

I hope you are well, that you are always playing some beautiful music. In Italy, we hear very much music. You realize it is the country of artists; you would be able to judge much better than I what is beautiful, for I'm not an artist. Jeanne would see some very beautiful paintings. You see, little sister, that there is noth­ing for me at Rome; it's all for the artists! If I could only have one word from the pope, I'd ask for nothing more....

Today is dear Aunt's feast. I'm thinking a lot about her, and I hope she has received our letters.

Dear little sister, hug all those whom I love very tightly for me. J think often of dear little Jeanne. Thanks for your letter; you don't know the pleasure it gave me. It was like a ray of joy.

Au revoir, little sister, and pray for me.
Your little Thérèse

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