LT 37 - To Marie Guerin - November 25, 1887

Friday, November 25, '87 Florence

My dear little Marie,

Time is passing quickly; a few more days and we will be reunited. I hope that a week from today we shall be with you. I assure you I will leave all Italy's marvels behind with pleasure. All this is very beautiful, but I can't forget those whom I have left at Lisieux. There is a kind of magnet which is attracting me to Lisieux, so I shall return there with very much pleasure.

You just don't know the joy your nice letter gave me. I was very happy that you spoke to me about dear Aunt's feast. I was near you in spirit at that moment; there was no longer any distance between Rome and Lisieux. You did well to tell me about the present Aunt gave you, for I would never have been able to guess it. What a beautiful surprise!

I will not speak to you about my visit to the Sovereign Pontiff. I think that you have the news about it from the Carmel. I was very miserable, but since it is God's will.... I hope, dear little sister, that you are going to continue to pray for me. I have very much confidence in your prayers. It seems to me that God can refuse you nothing.

You were complaining that your letter was poorly written; real­ly, if you are that fussy, I shall no longer dare to send you mine which are veritable scribblings. I think very often of you, of you all, so often that I dream of you at night. I would like to be al­ready with you. It is a long time since we have had any news from the Carmel. I am afraid their letters went astray.

Yesterday, we were at Assisi. When returning from one church, I found myself all alone and without any carriage; there was no longer any left but that of M. Révérony. He made me climb up into it with him; he was very friendly, and he did not want me to pay my way. He did not speak to me at all about my business, and I don't know what he is thinking about the audience.

I see that I am putting in "he's" without any end. My letter has taken a strange turn. Thank Aunt for her letter. It touched me in such a way that I would not be able to express it. Kiss all whom I love for me.
Adieu, dear little sister, see you soon, au revoir,


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