From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Sr Françoise-Therese (Leonie) – May 13, 1925

From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Sr Françoise-Therese (Leonie) – May 13, 1925


Jesus +                                                                                   of Lisieux 13th May 1925

Beloved little sister,

I was delighted with your letter. I can see that your sentiments are very much our own!

Let us convince ourselves, little sister, that we have done nothing to deserve a blessing such as this. God takes pity on whom He chooses and has mercy on whom He chooses. Therefore, it is freely that He blessed us with the gift of Thérèse, who will be canonised on Sunday! I can hardly believe it’s true. But it is! And still we cannot see everything, because it is certain that our glory in heaven will be proportional to that of here below, and again, freely given! Magnificat!

Praise be to God, for He bestows such wonderful blessings! All glory be to Him. It is His glory alone that interests us, and we find happiness in remembering that it is Thérèse, our little sister, who is obtaining Him that glory.

Poor little thing! You must make your sacrifice; you probably won’t have the statue in time for the 17th! That’s the way things are on earth. There are always sacrifices to be made. I assure you, the same is true here. I should be used to it by now, but with my impressionable nature, I can’t. And I’m always caught out by life’s setbacks and disappointments, even though deep down they are not serious. So do not imitate me, I beg of you, and on Sunday, be as happy deep down as if Thérèse’s statue was as tall as the one of Nebuchadnezzar and in pure solid gold, and was mounted in your garden and dominated the whole region. Let us be inwardly collected on that day, and then we will find Thérèse alive inside us, sowing our hearts with her roses of love, trust, surrender, humility, and blind hope of going straight to heaven. We will find her in the simplicity that characterised her, and which characterises her still. And this is a sufficient source of true joy. If we don’t feel her presence, too bad! We will still have the jar of perfume in our hands. It is ours. We know what it contains; that is enough.

Goodbye, little sister, whom I love more than ever. Now let us, all of us, be more grateful than ever towards God and let us keep telling Him that we love Him with all our hearts, which we want to be meek and humble like Jesus’ heart.

I send you a sisterly kiss as is fitting on the eve of the Canonisation of a sister.

Your little sister and Mother

Sr Agnes of Jesus


Give my most religious and affectionate regards to your dearest Mothers. I will be united with them in prayer on the 17th. I send them as fond a kiss as I send you. You won’t be jealous, will you?