From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Sr Françoise-Therese (Leonie) – January 28, 1925

From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Sr Françoise-Therese (Leonie) – January 28, 1925


Jesus +                                                                                            28th January 1925

Dearly beloved little sister,

It is my turn to wish you a happy feast day! You shall have the usual bouquet of prayers and morning Communion, and the usual bouquet of affection, which does not fade as the years pass. But this year it contains one extra, magnificent flower, and God put it there: the Canonisation of little Thérèse!! Nothing can top that!

I was well feted, too, on the 21st. Sr M. of the S.H. will tell you about my surprise. And I was certainly surprised! I was touched by the real affection of the Sisters. They wanted a three-day celebration! I wonder whether there’ll be an end to the celebrations this year!!! I ask God that, above all, the celebration will be in our hearts, and that all things will bring Him glory and serve heaven’s interests, because anything else would be vanity and vexation of spirit.

Besides, do you not find that there is no pleasure on earth as soon as we stray from the path of sacrifice, even on feast days? We must always be self-forgetful and always look to heaven, otherwise there’s no real joy.

We have two Sisters taking the Habit on 17th February and we have already invited six preachers with no luck! The last one to have accepted suffered a seizure yesterday. I wonder what will become of us. Still, yesterday brought new hope. On the 13th, we will celebrate the 25th profession anniversary of Sr Madeleine of Jesus.

Continue praying for our Sisters in exile. I am a little apprehensive about receiving news from Sr M. of the C.J. The two others are well and happy; their last letters to me prove it.

I’ve given you all the news. Now I will wish you a happy feast day once again, darling little sister, and send you lots of love and kisses.

Sister and Mamma

Sr Agnes of Jesus


I’m sending you a pretty picture. It is so pious that I gave copies of it to our Sisters as a feast day keepsake.

I’m also sending you a small paper object that the Carmel of Metz sent me and which I like very much. If you modified it slightly you could offer it to someone as a gift.