From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Mother Agnes of Jesus – October 20, 1925

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Mother Agnes of Jesus – October 20, 1925             

Letter from Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Mother Agnes of Jesus

+ Jesus                                                                                  20th October 1925

       Darling little Mother,

   The last vision of glory has disappeared but as a consequence my heart has grown deeper, or rather it has been raised to new heights towards heaven! – We shall no longer see the bishops making their way to the infirmary to celebrate Mass there each day. We shall no longer see Cardinal Vico ever so piously place the golden rose in our little Thérèse’s hand. The canonisation festivities are over, and now we await those of heaven, which will be everlasting!

  What can I tell you, darling little Mother? Ah! I understand why the Bl. Virgin kept everything in her heart! Words cannot express feelings in the face of such greatness, particularly after such a hidden life… I suffered enormously during the days preceding the spectacular festivities, but I didn’t tell you this. I wondered how everything would turn out when I saw the bad weather persist and the storm the day before blow our decorations in the cloister away.

Everything could have been ruined, but God did not want that to happen. I prayed so hard deep down in my heart! Oh! You can tell that someone is there in our souls, living deep inside. Yes, you can feel a divine presence. You understand God is within us, because when we tell him what anguish is in our hearts, it is peace that we hear in reply. Together with Jesus we can say, “I am never alone.”

  And yet a certain melancholy invades us at times. Why? Is it because we are heading into the unknown, that our earthly life is waning and that we tremble at seeing the only precious things we have left in this world disappear? Yes, that’s it! And yet we should try and feel the opposite. How can we? By peacefully bearing the trial of faith and that of death, because we are nearing life. Contemplating the day we die, which deeply saddens human nature, this thought suddenly came to me: “It’s the day of great mercy.” I felt this so deeply! I understood that death is the moment when God pours forth the torrent of his mercies onto our souls. He gives us, without us having deserved it, everything he has set aside for us for all eternity. It is the day of his great mercy.

  Darling little Mother, I love to ponder this, for it does me good and seems to me to be the truth.

    You asked me once again what I thought of our little sister’s Canonisation. I think I am very pleased in the sense that it brings God glory, and for this reason alone, because she has even more power to make him known and loved, and to bring souls back to him. I think he made use of a child to show the great and wise of this world the true path to heaven. First He became a tiny child to show us this himself, but we forgot, so he taught us again by means of our little Thérèse.

   Darling Mother, as I think about how much suffering you have endured in order to see our precious diamond shine in the eyes of one and all, it seems to me that she is saying to us what our Our Lord said to his apostles: “You are those who have continued with me in my trials.And I bestow upon you a kingdom, just as my Father bestowedoneupon me.” Darling little Mother, we will soon be in possession of the indescribable treasures which have been prepared for us up above, and there, in our heavenly Father’s kingdom, our little sister will share everything with us!

Your Marie who loves you so much!

Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart