From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - February 18, 1925

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - February 18, 1925             

Jesus + 18th February 1925

Darling little sister,

I’ve come to say a little hello before Lent. It will be a quick one because I haven’t had a moment since this morning and I suspect that it’s going to be like this all day, which doesn’t, alas, put me in a very good mood! I almost feel like being sad, which proves I don’t have a scrap of virtue. How wonderful it must be to stay cheerful through thick and thin! – Yesterday we had a beautiful Reception of the Habit ceremony, and on that account, we have license to speak today but I haven’t had the time to see anyone except two old gardeners whom I have to guide and tell what to do.

But I’ve just noticed that my letter will hardly interest you, poor little sister, because I do nothing but complain. To top everything off, Mrs Grant is arriving this evening and naturally I have to humour her and go to the visiting room.

Now let’s talk about something else. I’m so happy that our little Visitandine and her dear Community will be represented at the canonisation in Rome! And I’m even happier that, like us, your dearest Mother Prioress and all her daughters have the statue of our little saint strewing roses (onto the Sacred Heart in your case...). Our architect told us it would look very nice in the centre of your lovely lawn.

Dear little sister, someone’s calling me, I must go and see to my old gardeners. I send you lots of love. Pray for me so that I might convert in my old age; it’s now or never.

Your eldest sister

Sr Marie of the S. Heart


The charitable person who sent you the sweets was your little mamma; we were given lots of them on 1st January and were easily able to afford the pleasure of sharing them with you all.

Mrs de Castelnau doesn’t send us anything anymore; she no longer writes to us. She is not sick because we sent her a calendar in January and she thanked our Mother very kindly, but that’s all. The Canonisation is on 17th May. Let’s not compare it to Ascension or other dates. This feast will become an important date in its own right!!!!! I go on retreat on Tuesday evening.