From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - July 24, 1925

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - July 24, 1925             

Jesus + 24th July 1925

Darling little sister,

I’ve come to say a little hello even though I have no news because as you can see all the news is in the Annals. Our little saint’s glory is continuing to rise and I would like to rise to heaven because nothing that occurs on earth can satisfy a heart made for infinity.

Actually, there is one thing which can satisfy it, and that is to do as Thérèse did and pick the flowers of little sacrifices and offer them to Jesus. You are of the same opinion, little sister, aren’t you? So let’s not distress ourselves over feeling nothing, over receiving no comfort, and having no taste for anything. They are bitter flowers that we can offer to Jesus and they will turn into fruits of graces for poor sinners.

We had some fine festivities, and Rev. Fr Martin preached. Our chapel was full to bursting. Many came in, drawn by the preaching. But to make you laugh I’m going to relate part of a conversation that was heard between two ladies: “The Carmel invited a preacher who doesn’t preach well at all, but he’s Sr Thérèse’s cousin, that’s why they chose him.” I think it was the Turn Sisters who overheard this gossip. So you see, little sister, how little you can rely on the opinion of creatures. People interpret things to suit themselves. Blessed are those who only seek to please God like Father Martin.

I will think of your dearest Mother Prioress on her feast day and I will pray for her and all her dear daughters on that day. Little sister, present my affectionate and grateful respects to her and to your dear ReverendSr the Bursar for I know how good they are to our little Visitandine.

Your eldest sister who sends you lots of love. Sr Marie of the SH.


You must have heard about the new group statue at Les Buissonnets; it’s very beautiful.

Your godmother came to the festivities. She wanted to go to Caen, but the heat was too much for her and she had to forgo her trip.