From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - January 25, 1925

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - January 25, 1925             

Jesus + Carmel of Lisieux 25th January 1925 

Darling little sister,

Happy and holy feast day. May our Bl. little Thérèse obtain from Jesus’ Heart all the graces you desire. It will be a very easy task for her because Jesus Himself wishes to give his darling bride, whom he loves with an infinite love, all that she desires.

We had a lovely celebration for Our Mother on 21st and believe it or not, it was her twenty-fifth Feast of St Agnes. I didn’t know this, and on the very morning of her feast day, I asked her, “How many years, Mother, have we been celebrating your feast day?” She replied, “I don’t know, at least 20.” So I was as surprised as anyone to hear mention of the the word Jubilee. Her true Jubilee will be in November; 27th November will mark the end of her 25th year as Prioress. The celebration was, as always, very lovely. Everyone had put their hearts into it. We all held golden palm leaves when we sang our poem to Our Mother. The gifts consisted of all kinds of reliquaries of exquisite taste. Such religious celebrations make you think of the celebrations there’ll be in heaven. Oh, we have indeed received a hundredfold in this present age! For your feast day, our Mother is sending you a lovely box of sweets which someone gave her for you. Rest assured, we have had our share of them; we have been spoilt.

There’s no other news, dear little sister, or rather, there is always news because the letters recounting new graces are still as numerous as ever. You will read all about them in the next edition of Shower of Roses. It will be published a few months after the canonisation, because editing them takes time and is no small task.

Farewell, darling little sister. On your feast day I will take Holy Communion in thanksgiving for the special love that Jesus showed you when he called you to the blessed solitude of your dear Visitation.

Your eldest sister who sends you fond kisses.

Sr Marie of the S. Heart.