From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - October 28, 1925

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - October 28, 1925             

Jesus + Carmel of Lisieux 28th October 1925

Dear little sister,

We are not going to celebrate Our Mother’s silver anniversary as Prioress. You know very well that we evoked it once, so that’s the end of it for now. (It is not customary to celebrate one’s silver anniversary as Prioress.)

Cardinal Vico did not dine in the refectory, as it is not permitted. After saying Mass in the infirmary, he simply had lunch in our Community room where we hold our recreations, as the Bishop didn’t want to make him wait too long before his meal (he was obliged to wait until Mgr Dante had also celebrated Mass in the infirmary).

We call the Bishopric the Chaplain’s House because the Bishop goes down there when he comes to Lisieux, it’s where his rooms are. It’s a large house a few yards from the Carmel on the left as you go down the street. As it was in need of being fitted out and required a lot of repair work, Mr Ménage made it look like the other old houses in Lisieux. It was there that Cardinal Vico and the Court members were lodged.

The letters and photos that were given to Miss Violette were lost.

10th Nov. Dear little sister, I replied to your questions immediately, thinking someone was going to Caen and stopped there. I’m finishing this little note today because someone is going tomorrow morning.

Should we send back the copies of your dear Jubilarian’s celebration? It clearly conveys the deep sense of family and bond of holy charity that unites you all.

This evening we received the death notice of the fortunate little Sister who has already reached the end of her short exile and is now I hope singing the Lord’s mercies in heaven! She has seen our little saint Thérèse before us, but our turn will come, there can’t be long to wait now.

Farewell, darling little sister. I send you lots of love and fond kisses.

Your eldest sister

Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart


My respectful and affectionate regards to your dear Mothers.

Let me know whether you found that Mrs Gérard had aged; I hadn’t seen her for 40 years!