From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - October 9, 1925

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - October 9, 1925             

Jesus + Carmel of Lisieux 9th October 1925

Darling little sister,

Yesterday our Chaplain told us that you wrote about Cardinal Vico’s visit the very next day. We were wondering why we hadn’t heard anything. But don’t upset yourself, God allowed this to happen to show us how many letters from Caen are stolen from us and we have made complaints at the Post Office here. It will be a bother for you to write about your ceremony all over again, but you have a good memory and you will do it for us. Apparently your dear Mother Prioress enclosed a note too. Poor little sister. Let’s offer this setback to God; I assure you, it is a valid currency for saving him souls, and does it not also benefit us? Yes, because it detaches us more and more from this sad earth, where we are never sure of anything, and our hearts naturally aspire more to the true treasures in our real Homeland.

Our Canonisation festivities are over, which we are very pleased about because the week beforehand I was very anxious about what would happen. The weather was so bad that I was wondering whether our magnificent procession would be ruined. Sr Geneviève suffered greatly too. We didn’t mention our worries to Our Mother so as not to upset her. Anyway, we prayed so hard that ultimately everything went as well as we could have hoped, but it all could have turned out for the worse. On the day of the procession itself, great clouds gathered above the Chapel. In a word, you can’t live completely without fear in this poor life.

After Mass on 30th September, Cardinal Vico came into the monastery to put the golden rose blessed by the Pope back into our little saint’s hand. It was both touching and awe-inspiring. Outside, in front of the large reliquary grille, stood the bishops and other prelates attending the ceremony.

We are having another celebration on 15th, but it will be the last. The Nuncio is presiding it.

Farewell darling little sister. I urge you again not to be sad. Your lost letter, like all our sacrifices, is a golden rose which we place in our Spouse’s hand. And in return, he transforms our hearts to love; pure love for Him alone.

Your eldest sister

Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart


P.S. by Rev. M. Agnes of Jesus

Poor darling little sister! Your letter was lost! I was very upset by this but Jesus allowed it so something good is bound to come of our suffering. You must write to us again very soon. Besides, I have some debts to pay. I don’t have a clear conscience in the slightest.