From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Sr Françoise-Therese (Leonie) – February 22, 1935

From Mother Agnes of Jesus to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - February 22, 1935

                                                                            Carmel de Lisieux 22nd February 1935

Much-loved little sister,

Our chaplain told all three of us that you were being tried spiritually, and that your ardent desire to go to heaven, which comforted you in your last fatal illness, had been replaced by darkness, like for our darling little saint.

This is a blessing, beloved little sister. This is a form of purification and will obtain you the grace to go straight to heaven. Don’t be afraid of death; you are not going to die, but see the beatific vision eternally! It is much better to die without solace like Jesus on the Cross. Little Thérèse was granted a real death of love, but who knows? Perhaps God will leave you in this earthly exile for a while longer. Trust Him for everything.

Your poor little sister

Sr Agnes of Jesus