From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Sr Françoise-Therese (Leonie) – November 25, 1935

From Mother Agnes of Jesus to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - November 25, 1935


                                                                                                       J.M.     Carmel of Lisieux 25th November 1935


Much-loved little sister,

Let us set off to Bethlehem together. It’s a long way; it will take all of Advent to complete our journey. I’m laughing as I write this, because we haven’t left Bethlehem, Nazareth, Egypt or Jerusalem in a long time. With Jesus, we are reliving His life, so to speak, and where He spent it, without ever tiring of following Him and always growing in love for Him.

We have just had an excellent retreat. It was preached by Fr Desbuquois who has a gift for stirring the soul. It is extraordinary how he inspires trust. How happy “Little Thérèse” would have been to hear him!!!

Earlier on, I received a Memento from Abbot Dom Chautard of Sept-Fons Abbey who was very fond of our saint, and I read the following words on God’s judgement. “Remember this: Not one arrow of love among the thousands that God shoots in our direction will escape examination at God’s judgement. Not a single one; let us remember this. God’s dignity demands a rigorous tally.”

This made me sigh with gratitude, because for every arrow of love that we accept badly and which brings us regret later on, God shoots a thousand arrows of mercy, because He is touched by our humble remorse.

"O God, Your judgment fills my soul with delight! My guess at what is inside of You was right: Your heart is all love; nought but a flame do I see, nought but kindness and tenderness for me.”

I gave these words to our darling little saint in “The Corncockle” [poem] and I added:

Grant that unrested, I return here below,

The truth, Lord, we do not know,

I’ll say you’re a Father, nothing less,

One full of indulgence and goodness.

With that, I send you my love, much-loved little sister, and say, "Farewell until Christmas”. Soon we’ll celebrate it in heaven with “Alleluia”!

Your little Sister and Mamma

Sr Agnes of Jesus


Give my religious and fraternal regards to your dear Mothers. I fully understand the reasons for their prudence concerning little M. Ant. of the Holy Saviour. She wrote to the Visitation of Le Mans and has been invited to take a retreat there in the spring.