From Mother Agnes of Jesus to Sr Françoise-Therese (Leonie) – December 26, 1935

From Mother Agnes of Jesus to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) - December 26, 1935


                                                                  J.M.                                       Carmel of Lisieux 26th December 1935


Beloved little sister,

It wasn’t long ago that we said a big hello to you on Christmas Eve! But it feels long for not having sent you a note for you to have this morning.

If only you knew how pleased we were to see the Turn Sisters from the Visitation of Caen. I was sorry that Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart was unable to go to the visiting room. She would have liked to write today, but she feels tired after Christmas night and I forbade her. She will merely sign my letter. If only you knew how good and self-forgetful our “Godmother” is [Marie was Thérèse’s godmother], and how much she loves you!

I was pleased to hear again, from the eldest Turn Sister from Caen, that our “Léonie” was much loved by her Community.

What about your cold? Is it better? Father Germain returned from his visit enchanted. “How we chattered!” he said joyfully.

I’m pleased that you know him. Now he is actively planning the 1937 Congress. What a to-do! You see, our poor little town is hardly fit for such large events.

As for us, we are preparing ourselves for the celebrations by praying and we are gladder than ever to have the grates to protect us.

We were paid a visit from Cardinal Villeneuve, as you know. Such visits are very trying for me. Put yourself in my shoes! And yet there will be more in 1937!!

Cardinal Suhard sent me a touching telegram from Rome. You’ll see it in the Annals.

Fare well always, much-loved little sister. Happy New Year! Happy New Year to you and to the entire Convent beginning with your revered Mother.

Sr Agnes of Jesus


P.S. by Sr Marie of the S.H.

Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart wishes her darling little sister a happy and holy New Year.