From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Mother Agnes of Jesus – January 21, 1935

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Mother Agnes of Jesus – January 21, 1935             

                                                         Feast of St Agnes 21st January 35

+ Jesus

               Darling little Mother,

   For your feast day, I would like to let you hear words from heaven, but I am so often in distress! I think, however, that this distress represents a treasure because God leaves me in it, and because despite her love for us, our Thérèse can do nothing. I also think that I exaggerate my poor little trial, for can one be better cared for than I am? What’s more, a heavenly ray very often shines on my soul. When I see your beloved face, it’s as though Jesus is smiling at me. O little Mother, you are dearly loved by Him! You’re always resigned to His will and pleased with what He does! If only you knew how edifying I find you! I, too, keep all these things in my heart. It’s impossible for me to convey them, the feelings are too deep! You have suffered so much in your lifetime, why is it that your little Thérèse, who loves you so much, doesn’t bring you comfort and lets you continue to suffer . . . and very often because of me! An abyss of graces and treasures has been set aside for you for eternity . . . . So let there be no more suffering, only joy and unending happiness. We can’t believe in such things when our hearts are choked by all the miseries of life’s exile.

Little Mamma, one day I’ll wish you a happy feast day in heaven, where they’ll be no tomorrow . . . Oh, how I do love you!

                         Your Marie