From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) – March 2, 1935

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) – March 2, 1935             

+ Jesus Carmel of Lisieux 2nd March 1935


Darling little sister,

To think that you decided to add a few lines to your beloved Mother Prioress’ letter! We were very touched, although we know very well how grateful and affectionate you are in your heart.

You caused us such emotion, dear little sister. At any rate, God has chosen not to take you to heaven yet and we thank Him for it, not only for us but also for you, for you shall continue to acquire merits and save souls for Him. What is important is doing His will.

If only you knew how grateful we are to your Mother Prioress for giving us news of you so faithfully. We appreciate her motherly affection towards our little sister more than ever. How infinitely good God is to give His brides such support!

Religious life really is a vestibule to heaven, for everything breathes charity.

Sr Genevièveand I have just finished our retreat. It might be my last. Every year I think the same thing. What is certain is that my last retreat can’t be far off, but it is in our interest to entrust ourselves to the Lord in life and death. And it seems to me that since my retreat I am living with greater self-surrender.

Every Sunday Father Germain gives a little instruction, and this Morning during Mass he read the Bishop’s pastoral letter for Lent to the faithful. As I listened, I said to myself, What a saintly bishop we have! I’m going to reread it so that I can meditate on it at my leisure, and contemplate God’s love for His poor creatures! What a mystery! And so few understand it . . . .

Farewell until Easter, dear little sister, unless there are any more alarms with regard to your health. I send you fond kisses.

Sr M. of the Sacred Heart


We are praying hard for the recovery of your revered Mother, your former Prioress.