From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) – April 21, 1935

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) – April 21, 1935             

+ Jesus 21st April 1935

Darling little sister,

Happy and holy feast of Easter! Here below once again, we celebrate together the Resurrection of our sweet Saviour, who suffered so much for us and earned us heaven’s glory. But the day when we will celebrate His triumph up above is approaching. We only have a little more time left in exile.

What have you been up to, little sister? Your Mother Prioress sent us news of you during Lent. We were very touched. I hope the improvement continues. Our Chaplain, who caught the flu 3 weeks ago and had just about recovered, had a relapse a week ago. He couldn’t say Mass again today, but it’s nothing serious.

Believe it or not, little sister, at 1/2 past 3 this morning I was able to attend Matins. I was so happy! Our devoted little Lay Sisters saw to getting me up and then took me to the choir in my wheelchair, because I can’t walk at all now. What thanks I owe to God for being surrounded with so much charity! This afternoon I’m going to go for a little stroll in the garden. From there you can see the walls of the Basilica, which grow higher every day. Many men took Communion in the chapel today. Little Saint Thérèse is doing such good everywhere!

Your letter written on 3rd March before Lent filled us with joy. What a grace it is to know you have so fully surrendered yourself to God’s will!

Written by Mother Agnes of Jesus:

“Marie” has asked me to finish her letter because she is being taken to the Benediction and must prepare for her charitable and devoted wheelchair pushers. 

Monsignor Natucci was delighted with your little note. He’s praying for you, and has asked after you.

What a good friend we have in Rome!

He sent me this picture. I’m giving it to you.