From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) – July 7, 1935

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Francoise-Therese (Leonie) – July 7, 1935             

+ Jesus Sunday 7th July 1935


Darling little sister,

If I didn’t send you a note via our chaplain it’s because I was informed of his trip to Caen too late. I received the letter you sent for my feast day. Oh, like you I would very much like to celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart in heaven next year! If I go first, I’ll ask Him to come and fetch you quickly. But let’s take comfort, for everything is coming to an end here below. Even the greatest trials end. I don’t know whether I’ve ever mentioned our little Sister Marie of the Bl. Sacrament to you. Very few are such an elect soul, and our Mother had high hopes for her for later on because she is very intelligent. Well, five years ago after her Profession she fell ill with a cerebral disorder and needed to be treated at the Bon Sauveur hospital. She has never recovered and her incessant desire to come back to the Carmel has meant she has suffered a martyrdom over the past few years. She was a real angel. Before leaving, she said, I’m not afraid of being humiliated. God can do exactly what He wills with me. He is not to hold back with me! Today she is at the end of her trial. She has galloping consumption, and recovery is impossible. Her sister (Sr Madeleine of St Joseph), who was Sub-Prioress five years ago, is thanking God for coming to fetch her poor little sister. She will certainly go straight to heaven.

We would be happy to help you with regards to the hour glasses, but we won’t be able to find good ones. Perhaps the Carmel of Caen could make some enquiries.

As for the Annals, we didn’t pay a double subscription and Sr Marguerite-Agnès’ family didn’t cancel their subscription. There was probably a mix-up in the deliveries office.

I’m finishing my letter in pencil, as I don’t have any more ink. I’m waiting for my little nurse so she can bring me some more, but as I don’t want to bother her unnecessarily, I’ve decided to use a pencil.

Little sister, you said that I give freely to Jesus. Alas! Alas! If only you knew how little courage I have, and how I call to Him for help at every moment. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a shadow of strength to bear my disability. - On Tuesday and Wednesday you’ll see our Turn Sisters for they are going to Caen to see our poor invalid. That’s why our chaplain went to Caen yesterday.

I send you fond kisses, darling little sister

Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart


Concerning the Annals, Sr M. of the Trinity must have said that you weren’t receiving them regularly. You must let us know if it happens again.