From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Geneviève (Celine) - February 28, 1935

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to sr Geneviève (Celine) - February 28, 1935               

Letter from Sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Sr Geneviève (Céline) 

Thursday 28th February 1935

+ Jesus

  Darling little sister,

  In the evening of my retreat, I wish to tell you how happy I am to be with you, for this could well be my last retreat. I have no idea if it is, but at the age of 75 one can’t have a long future ahead. Or rather, one sees an endless future instead, a future where we’ll all be reunited and never parted again.

  I also wish to say that I sometimes upset you with my stubborn character, and for this I ask your forgiveness. I find you are very gentle in such circumstances, which further increases my regret. It’s true that despite you being 66 it seems as though you are still little. And yet here you are, little Céline, at the end of your life like me. We don’t have many years left to spend in exile. So let’s not complain, but praise the Lord for the matchless life he has given us. Let us think only of the present moment and never of the following day. This is very difficult to do, but our little Thérèse was right when she said, “We can put up with a great deal from one moment to the next.” So for a few moments, let’s put up with our problems, for they really only last a few moments compared with the everlasting centuries that God has set aside for us.

  Here’s to another retreat next year, if it is God’s will . . .

  1. SrMarie of the Sacred Heart, who loves her darling little Céline so very much!