Isidore and Céline Guérin


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  The couple close to the Martins

Isidore Guérin (born January 2nd, 1841) and his two sisters, Marie-Louise and Zélie, were the children of one of the many French families affected by the rural exodus at the beginning of the 19th century. The Guérins were famers; they moved from generation to generation (their father was a French policeman who served the Emperor as a soldier) from the military campaigns in the Orne region to his police station in Alençon. Isidore benefited from the establishment of public instruction and its best; the lycée Napoleon (public secondary school established under the educational reforms of Napoleon). He obtained his degrees of bachelor of letters and science in 1860 and 1863. This training permitted him to join the École Supérieure de Pharmacie de Paris and then to become a pharmacist in 1866. By buying a pharmacy (as well as a hardware store in 1870, which burned in 1873), he joined the noteworthy members of society in Lisieux. His marriage on September 11th, 1866, considered by some as strategic, with Céline Fournet, descendant of a manufacturing family in Lisieux, strengthened his social position even more. The son of a policeman became a distinguished citizen as is seen in his nomination to the local Conseil d’hygiène (sanitary commission). Unquestionably, he was “the” most important person in the Martin and Guérin families during the life of Thérèse.   Lire la suite. 

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