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Have a look at the photos !

 Welcome to the archives of the youngest Doctor of the Church. We are planning to open an English version soon.

If you don’t know a word of French apart from the word Thérèse, here are some interesting pages for you to visit right now.



Under the scrolling menu of Oeuvres de Thérèse, click on « Images » to see all the holy cards made by Thérèse.


Then, click on « Oeuvres d’art » to see all her works of art. Any of the 4 squares is interesting.


Under the scrolling menu of En famille, click on « Membres de la famille » and go down to the bottom of the page to see the family photos albums.

1000lieuxThe next is « Lieux de vie« : all the photos we have of the family places of the Martin-Guérin – and of the school of Thérèse under Abbaye Notre-Dame du Pré.


Then, why not go through the « Images offertes à Thérèse » : all the holy cards she received and kept during her short life.


1000fusainFinally, « Fusains et tableaux » will allow you to visit the art gallery of the Martin girls: all their charcoals and paintings.


Don’t miss the Martin’s Généalogie, in plain text, or in tables with 2 different styles : Généalogie en tableaux - généalogie en tableaux couleurs.
1000srphiloUnder the scrolling menu Au Carmel, « La communauté » is nice: if you click on each group of sisters, you will be able to then click on each sister of that group to see her face.
1000thROSESUnder the fourth menu Après 1897, you will see marvels under « Diffusion des représentations.» The 47 photos of Thérèse are online, and soon, charcoals or paintings representing her.  Thérèse aux roses is ready now ; just select one of the 4 slide shows.

1000bottinThe last menu named Bottin is Who’s Who. You may not understand it all but family names are family names anyhow, and you will see the faces of all those people close to Thérèse.


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