History and genealogy of the Martins - Guérins


This genealogy has been created by Daniel Audibert - last updated February 2014



One day my son wanted to establish our genealogy, which is rather dispersed.

My entire maternal branch is Norman (Orne, Calvados and the Manche). Going back quite far in the centuries and as I knew that M. Martin had ancestors in Normandy, I began to put together the genealogy of St. Thérèse, being curious to know if there might be a connection of kinship.

And indeed, I found a link (related ancesters-the family Desvaux de Pont-Ecripin). What came from essential sources is from:

The archives of Orne (in situ and from the internet archives)
The archives of La Mayenne at Laval.
The archives of Calvados.
The archives of Eure (online archives).
The archives of Loir and Cher (online archives). For this region I’m a little behind as not all the archives have been put online.
Through the intermediary of the association I belong to (EGBMN),from the data sharing GeneaBank (genealogical exchange market),I searched vital statistics, but also notarial documents whenthey existed. These searches required a lot of time and I’m certainly far from having finished.

This genealogy is dedicated to M. Louis Gervais who was miraculously healed by Thérèse in 1930 of tuberculosis of the bone, to Father Chesnier, to St. Thérèse with her parents.

Daniel Audibert





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