From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mme Martin – February 16, 1868

From Sister Marie-Dosithée Guérin to Mme Martin

V. + J (Live Jesus)

From our Monastery in Le Mans,

16th February 1868

Dear Sister

It truly was my intention to write to you before Lent (26th February) and not leave you waiting until Easter.

I was pleased to receive news from Isidore on Thursday. I think that God will bless him. I wrote to him on Monday to ask him to send us for 10 Francs some quinine at cost price, for the missionaries. He did so immediately, and so amiably that it was quite charming; he sent us a large quantity, saying that he had added a personal contribution. However, our Rev. Mother’s Assistant, who often deals with the missions should not hesitate to ask him for any remedy she might need for her missions, he would send them immediately, even at a loss. All he asked for was that she pray [ 1v°] for his wife; the very next morning she offered Holy communion for him and his wife and suggested to the missionary receiving the remedies to pray for him. He also sent me 3 small bottles for my toothache, because I had told him that I had a strong throbbing pain, we have kept one of them and given two for the missions, it is very precious.  

I advise you to ask him for some as you so often have toothache, it stops the pain almost instantly.

Your wet-nurse is wrong in thinking that your child will die. I personally don’t believe it at all, although I have not had any revelations. Young children always suffer a great deal in their first years and I remember my brother did nothing but cry for three months.

I think it is too soon to send Marie to the Visitation convent, the cost of boarding is too high for a large family like yours, you must at least wait until she is 12, only I pray you, make sure she does not go with the maids and that she stays close to you, because otherwise this …


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