From Francis La Neele to Isidore Guerin - 1905

From Francis La Neele to Isidore Guerin - 1905

[undated: Marie Guérin died on 14th April 1905]

Dearest Papa

Your little girl is preparing to appear before God. I cannot feel her pulse anymore. She is fully conscious. She says to tell you that she is very, very happy and very calm. She wishes to die of love.

Her only sadness is that she will cause you pain by leaving you. She loves you and Jeanne very much.

She can feel the presence of her mother and Thérèse beside her, supporting her and smiling down on her.

She says to add that she loves you very much and that your letter brought her great happiness. She loves Jeanne very much. She will leave her here as long as possible and come and fetch all three of you at once. Take heart, dearest Papa. Little Marie is dying the same death as her beloved Mother. It is enviable.


Your son

La Néele

Her face is constantly smiling, like that of an angel. She is not suffering other than from an invading feeling of sleepiness.

She may live for another hour or two, so if you wish to write her a few last lines, she still has time to hear them.