Some documents were kept with care,                                                 See here an archival film footage of a train entering a station 
allowing us to follow preparations for departure.                                        from the Lumière Brothers contemporary with Thérèse.                      

First advice to travellers

2nd advice to travellers

3rd advice & timetables

Last advice & list of towns

Train timetables

1er-avis-sept-1 petit 2e-avis-1 petit 3e-avis-1 petit dernier-1 petit train 1 petit


Date in 1887
Departure Arrival Hôtels excursions
Friday 4 November  Lisieux 3h Paris 8h ?  Hôtel le Bouloi


Saturday 5 November        
Sunday 6 November     Mulhouse & Champagne  
Monday 7 November Paris 6h35 Lucerne  24h30  Hôtel du Lac  
Tuesday 8 November  Lucerne 8h Milan 18h  Hôtel Central  
Wenesday 9 November  Milan 15h  Venise 22h  Hôtel La Luna  
Thursday 10 November        
Friday 11 November

Venise 9h

Bologne 17h52 Hôtel dei Tre Re excursion to Padoua 10h-15h 
Saturday 12 November Bologne 11h  Loretto 17h  Hôtel Marinelli ?  
Sunday 13 November  Loretto - afternoon  Rome 20h  Hôtel du Sud  
Monday  14 November        
Tuesday  15 November        
Wenesday 16 November        
Thursday 17 November        
Friday 18 November        
Saturday 19 November        
Sunday 20 November        
Monday  21 November  Rome 6h  Naples uncertain hour  Hôtel Métropole excursion to Pompéi 13h-15h
Tuesday  22 November  Naples - evening  Rome 24h  Hôtel du Sud  
Wenesday 23 November        
Thursday 24 November  Rome 6h  Florence 21h45  Hôtel Porta Rossa  
Friday 25 November        
Saturday 26 November Florence 14h  Pise 16h30  Hôtel de la Minerve  
Sunday 27 November  Pise - afternoon Gênes - evening  Hôtel Isotta  
Monday 28 November Gênes - 12h Nice 18h  Hôtel Beau Rivage  
Tuesday  29 November  Nice 7h  Marseille - afternoon  Hôtel Continental Collet  
Wenesday 30 November  Marseille 6h  Lyon - end of afternoon    
Thursday 1er December  Lyon 10h30      
Friday 2 December   Paris 1h    
    "           "             "  Paris 11h45 Lisieux 16h30    


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