Marais, Louise (Mme Legendre)


Louise Marais - Madame Edouard Legendre

Born on May 5th, 1849 at Merlerault,
died December 10th, 1923 at Ste. Marie de Gacé.

Entering the service of Madame Martin in Alençon when very young, she lived thereta dozen years until the departure of the family for Lisieux. She thought she was responsible for subduing Léonie’s difficult character but at the price of much suffering! When Mme. Martin figured this out she was outraged and was readytto send her away. Giving in to the pleading of Louisetto stay, Mme. Martin kept this woman who was, besides, a friend in daily life and Louise took care of Mme. Martin until her death, giving her the highest praise thereafter. In her quaint and rustic language, she canonized her. Sufferingtatrocious pain herself from rheumatic fever, she never stopped invoking thetadmirable nurse who had in the past, taken care of her in the beginning of thetillness.