From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin CF 25 - January 12, 1868.


From Mme Martin to Mme Guérin

January 12, 1868

I received your letter as well as the box containing the New Year’s gifts for the children. I begin by scolding you and I have the right, I’m the older sister. Thus I will tell you, as I did last year, that you shouldn’t spend money like that; it upsets me, I assure you. You must be more reasonable in the future.

When I saw all that was being unpacked, I didn’t laugh, I murmured my objections. But there were four here who didn’t do as I did. They were laughing very hard and were quite surprised to see that I wasn’t happy, especially Marie and Pauline who found you so rich, so rich that they can’t get over it. They haven’t stopped talking about your fortune since Thursday!

Today we had a lot to do with all these beautiful things. There was an exhibition of the games and a complete doll’s tea set made of pretty porcelain to use for the first time; this lasted close to two hours. The children have never had so much fun. Pauline said this evening, “Oh! What a pity today is over. I’d like it to be this morning again!” I didn’t completely agree with her because I’ve had a tough battle. For three days, I’ve been alone with these little ones because the maid is with her family. Along with this, I have a terrible cold and a fever, and I can barely stand up. Fortunately, I have my father’s housekeeper who’s helping me a little. My little Joseph is growing like a mushroom.


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