LT 129 - To Céline

LT 129             From Thérèse to Céline.

July 8, 1891


Dear Céline,


July 8, 1891

Your short note spoke volumes to my soul; it was for me like a faithful echo repeating all my own thoughts…

Our dear mother is still very sick; it is sad to see those whom we love suffering in this way. However, do not be too grieved; though Jesus intends to enjoy in heaven our dear Mother's presence, He will be unable to refuse to leave on earth her whose maternal hand can lead and console us so well in the exile of life… Oh! what an exile it is, the exile of earth, especially during these hours when everything seems to abandon us. But it is then that it is precious,

it is then that the day of salvation dawns; yes, dear Céline, suffer­ing alone can give birth to souls for Jesus.... Is it surprising that we are so favored, we whose only desire is to save a soul that seems to be lost forever? ... The details interested me very much, while making my heart beat very fast… But I shall give you some other details that are not any more consoling. The unfortunate prodigal went to Coutances where he started over again the conferences given at Caen. It appears he intends to travel throughout France in this way.... Céline… And with all this, they add that it is easy to see that remorse is gnawing at him. He goes into the churches with a huge Crucifix, and he seems to be making great acts of adoration His wife follows him everywhere. Dear Céline, he is really culpable, more culpable than any other sinner ever was who was converted. But cannot Jesus do once what He has not yet ever done? And if He were not to desire it, would He have placed in the heart of His poor little spouses a desire that He could not realize?... No, it is certain that He desires more than we do to bring back this poor stray sheep to the fold. A day will come when he will open his eyes, and then who knows whether France will not be traversed by him with a totally different goal from the one he has in mind now? Let us not grow tired of prayer; confidence works miracles. And Jesus said to Blessed Margaret Mary: "One just soul has so much power over my Heart that it can obtain pardon for a thousand criminals." No one knows if one is just or sinful, but, Céline, Jesus gives us the grace of feeling at the bottom of our heart that we would prefer to die rather than to offend Him; and then it is not our merits but those of our Spouse, which are ours, that we offer to Our Father who is in heaven, in order that our brother, a son of the Blessed Virgin, return vanquished to throw himself beneath the mantle of the most merciful of Mothers....

Dear Céline, I am obliged to end; divine the rest, there remain volumes to be divined!. ..

Kiss everybody for me, and all that you would like to tell them as coming from me is what I am thinking!.. .

Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face

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