From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - July 15, 1891.

From sr Marie of the Sacred Heart to Céline - July 15, 1891.

J.M.J.T. Jesus! 15th July Darling Céline,

Sr. Agnès of Jesus may well be on a retreat, it doesn’t prevent her from passing on her messages to me when they are important. She has therefore asked me to tell you that on 22nd of this month we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of Mother Geneviève’s Profession (Profession in Poitiers on 22nd July 1831). She would like you to write her (Mother Geneviève) a note and have some small treat delivered to us for that day. Poor Mother Geneviève won’t do it much justice but it would be a kind thought on your part. And now, dear Céline, tell me, what are you up to in your solitude. I hope next time you write, the little note will be for me. Thérèse of the Child Jesus has not passed on hers to me and I remain, so to speak, without news of you. [1 v°] You know very well that you are my little daughter whom I saw so small… so small… Oh! That was a long time ago already. Life goes by with frightening rapidity. I can’t tell you how struck I am by how quickly time passes. And yet I am not yet very old, but what difference does it make: once one is over 30, one begins to think it seems that eternity is approaching in leaps and bounds. The past, and the young years, are already long gone… The 2nd July, the 21st anniversary of my 1st Communion, left a whole world of memories and deep reflections in my soul… O darling little sister, time is nothing, earthly joys are nothing, dreams of the future are nothing, only the cross counts here below. I wrote to Sr. Costard (nun at the Bon Sauveur hospital, and director of the service treating Mr. Martin) for news of dear Father. Tell me Céline, what mystery is life? Do you understand this mystery? A [2 r°] few years ago, all was joy around him and us. But let’s not be mistaken, little sister. Today all is still joy; it is a mysterious and hidden joy; an anticipated joy of heavenly delights. Here we await the fruit of our tears and is this radiant hope not joy? But soon we will enjoy all this; soon our souls will be satisfied according to the hunger and sufferings of each. I could tell you many other things and I can’t because my pen refuses to write them. So I will leave a whole page entirely blank. Yesterday I would easily have filled it. Today it’s impossible. My soul is in an impenetrable hiding place and I cannot pull it out. I send you my love, darling little sister. Tell Léonie I will write to her later on, that I haven’t the time this time, and if I wrote to you it was about Mother Geneviève.

Your big sister who loves you very tenderly Sr. M. of the S.Heart u.c.n.

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