From Marie of the Angels to Marie of the Sacred Heart - July 5 (?) 1891.

From Sister Marie of the Angels to Marie of the Sacred Heart - 5th July (?) 1891.

+ J.M.J.T.

My eldest and beloved little daughter
(Marie of the Sacred Heart left the novitiate on this 5th July; she had been the eldest novice. More importantly, as Marie of the Angels explains, she was the first postulant and novice to be trained by this Sister, who was nominated Novice Mistress on 3rd February 1886), I find your lines imbued with such delicate sentiments that they elicited tears from she who reciprocates so deeply! I feel the sacrifice that the Good Lord is asking of us no less than you do, my cherished little child, for your absence will create an emptiness inside me. I have grown so used to speaking to you openly in all frankness and confidence, knowing I [1 v°] could tell you everything, and find rest in you whom I so love.

Do not speak to me of sorrow, you have never caused me any, you have rather brought me joy. I saw right from the first days after your arrival here how much God loved you and how much you loved him! Having immediately understood your soul I became fond of it like a mother grows fond of her cherished little child and her soul will forever remain ever so dear to me. She was the first to be given to me by the Good Lord to lead and as such she [2 r°] will always be my favourite. The picture enclosed (unidentified) will, better than I can, say what Jesus wants of you! You will draw strength and courage from it in the daily struggles you come across during your pilgrimage here below. Yes dive into the infinity of God, everything else is unworthy of your heart, and will be unable to satisfy it. Leave behind all that is earthly, all that is not God, strip yourself, rid yourself of everything in order to clothe yourself with all that is supreme and transform yourself into him! Let yourself be shaped by the divine master, trust [2 v°] that he will crown your goodwill by completing what he has so well begun in you.

We will always stay united, my dear Marie of the Sacred Heart, my eldest, my beloved. My heart will remain that of a Mother’s to you and your sorrows and joys will continue to find a resounding echo in me. May Jesus, who unites our hearts, bless you for me and assure you that my heart is yours for time and eternity.

Your wholly devoted little Mistress who cherishes you,
Sr. Marie of the Angels

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