LT 257 - to Léonie - July 17, 1897.


Jesus                                                             July 17, 1897

Dear Léonie,

I am very happy to be able to speak with you again. A few days ago I was thinking I no longer had this consolation on earth, but God seemed willing to prolong my exile a little. I am not disturbed by it, for I would not want to enter heaven one minute earlier by my own will. The only happiness on earth is to apply oneself in always finding delightful the lot Jesus is giving us. Your lot is so beautiful, dear little sister; if you want to be a saint, this will be easy for you since at the bottom of your heart the world is nothing to you. You can, then, like us, occupy yourself with "the one thing necessary,'" that is to say: while you give yourself up devotedly to exterior works, your purpose is simple: to please Jesus, to unite yourself more intimately to Him.

You want me to pray in heaven to the Sacred Heart for you. Be sure that I shall not forget to deliver your messages to Him and to ask all that will be necessary for you to become a great saint.

A Dieu, dear sister; I would like the thought of my entrance into heaven to fill you with gladness since I shall be able to love you even more.

Your little sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus

I shall write you at greater length another time; I cannot do so now, for baby has to go to sleep. 

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