From sr Agnès of Jesus to her father M. Martin - June 20 (?), 1888.

From Pauline (Agnès of Jesus) to her father Mr. Martin

Towards 20th June (?) 1888.

J. M. J. T.


Darling Father,

I have one worry. Wasn’t there anything in the inner pocket of the bag? You can guess what I want to say. It’s to keep it a surprise for our beloved Mother (It was the feast day of Marie de Gonzague on 21st June). I will say no more about it… Sr. Marie is going to wait for the reply, if it’s no, tell her so without giving an explanation.

Beloved Father, the hearts of your three little daughters are so filled with affection and tenderness for you that it is impossible to express it.

Yesterday I saw something sad in your features and a few tears in your eyes. (Thérèse joined her two elder sisters at the Carmel on 9th April, and on 15th June, Céline announced to her father her intention to pursue a religious vocation.) Do not [2 r°] weep, darling Father, or better still, shed tears of joy, for it is not to a mortal spouse that you have sacrificed us, but to a God “who does not die!” One day in Eternity you will harvest the fruits of glory from this tree of the cross that here below only gives bitter fruits. But how sweet the sacrifice is for a heart that loves God! [2v°] The Saints desired suffering because they could see clearly! They looked far ahead into Eternity and the vanity of all things was revealed to them at the same time as the truth of the one thing that is necessary.

Farewell, you are our all down here after Jesus. Never have our three hearts belonged more to you!

Alleluia! always, even after Eastertide.

Your poor little pearl

Sr. Agnes of Jesus

u. c. n.

Thank you for the bottles of wine and apples and everything…


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