From Léonie Martin to sr Geneviève - (Shortly before 6th August) 1897

From Léonie Martin to sr Geneviève - (Shortly before 6th August) 1897

La Musse 6th August 97

Dearest little sister,

It was to Marie of the Sacred Heart that I was intending to write, to thank her for her last letters, which touched me so much. But it’s your feast day that forces me to give you preference. I’m sure our dear elder sister won’t be upset, on the contrary; is not what I write to one of you for you all? You’re all mixed up in the same love. It would be impossible for me to express all the tender love I feel for you all.

My soul and heart are constantly with you at our beloved angel’s bedside, waiting in anguish, but resignedly at the same time, for the moment when she’ll leave for the Homeland. Listen, my little sister, it will be a feast day for her and also for us. You wouldn’t believe how much I suffer knowing she’s in so much suffering, to the extent that despite the grief I’ll experience when she leaves, I’ll feel such relief knowing that our saint is in perfect bliss. Nothing is as comforting in these cruel separations as thoughts of faith; they are everything! Because, after all, what we in our blindness call death, is really life. It’s exile, where we are, that deserves to be called by that name. Our dear Angel has understood this, and that is from whence her desire to leave earth comes.

I had a moment of weakness, my little sister, when on Saturday I heard that our darling sister’s sickness had progressed, and to crown it all, to see I was stuck at La Musse a week longer. Really it was more than I could bear. But Jesus supported me and I now see that I’ll manage to bear this trial to the end, but it’s very hard and I mustn’t think about tomorrow.

I wish you a happy feast day, darling little sister. It’s not a very joyful one this year, it will be spent in tears. Let us unite them to those of Jesus and they’ll then be less bitter.

Your little sister who loves you tenderly.