From Léonie Martin to sr Geneviève -July 18, 1897.

Léonie Martin to Sr Geneviève - July 18th 1897.

18th July 1897

Dearest little sister,

This is what life is like: continual separations . . . always seeing those we love leave!

We are on the eve of losing the one who was our joy on earth. Little sister, let’s not mourn her, but rejoice with her. She’ll be one more Angel for us in beautiful heaven, which she will help us to reach. I envy her happiness and I cannot ask God for her recovery; I find that this would be loving my little sister for my sake, and going against God’s will. Yes, it’s very clear that he’ll hasten to pick this pure lily, she who belongs to him first and foremost, for he merely lent her to us. I know you’ll understand me, little Céline, and that you share my sentiments. It is a great relief for me to know that you’re the one nursing our little saint; how she must be embalming you with her virtues! If you could put everything she says into writing, how comforting it would be for me to have it, for unlike you, beloved little sisters, I don’t have the joy of being beside my darling sister, but I’m not worthy to do so, either, and I would perhaps be less brave than you. Jesus does well to impose this sacrifice on me. The other day, I knew I was seeing our angel for the last time here below, and my heart shattered.

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