From Léonie to Céline - August 28, 1894.



From Léonie to Céline - August 28, 1894.

28th August 1894

     Dear little sister,

I am delighted at the thought I will see you soon, it might be the last time I do so here below; my heart is both broken and happy at the same time. All five of us are to be nuns! Our [19]darling mother’s wishes have come true. Did she not ask God for this, in great faith, and what’s more for a Visitation nun? But this poor nun is very unworthy of her title, due to her cowardliness and the long time it is taking for her to fully surrender herself to love. Well I will surrender eventually, I hope, through the intercession of our beloved saints who await us up above, and who don’t cease to pray for us. We must be their crown. Which of us will be the most fervent and will become the most beautiful floret? I would like the five florets to be so equally beautiful that they will be intermingled so to speak.

       Today is the anniversary of our dear mother’s death; she now shares the felicity of Heaven together with our revered Father and I rejoice in their immense happiness.

     When you come to see me, dear little sister, do me the pleasure of bringing me all the little books from the Carmel that are in the drawer of the writing desk. They will be a keepsake of you and the Carmel, because I believe that you won’t take the whole lot back to the Carmel with you.

         Your poor little sister who loves you and is thinking of you.

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