From Léonie to Céline - September 2, 1894. Fragment.


From Léonie to Céline -September 2, 1894. Fragment.

2nd Sept. 1894

Dearest sister,

Our dear Mother has heard a great deal about The Liturgical Year (by Dom Guéranger; privileged reading at Les Buissonnets) but as she doesn’t know this work, she would like to see just one of the volumes for Advent. I hope, dear little Céline, that you will be good enough to think of bringing it to us on your next and last trip.

       I received your beloved letter; I can’t explain how much your letters mean to me, and this one in particular. I think the same as you do, but I don’t have the gift for saying and writing such beautiful things, I am forced to keep everything in my heart.

     I took Communion for you this morning, dearest Céline. Oh, yes! You are very dear to me, the memory of you is always with me, and love is so strong when it is cemented by suffering.

See you soon, beloved sister, let us throw ourselves into the Heart of our unique Spouse.

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